Saturday, 5 December 2009


The New G Series of Filters from Fluval are revolutionary in every way and is destined to change the way filters are designed........Forever.
Only selected retailers can benefit from selling this exicting new range from Fluval and we are proud to say we are one of them! We will be offering 'live' in store demonstrations and our staff will be undergoing specilist training on the Fluval G. Hagen have invested over two years of consumer research to build the perfect aquarium filter: the new Fluval G; the future of Filtration.
Some of the Features:Hydrotech Performance Monitoring:With Fluval G's Hydrotech Performance Monitor, you are able to monitor many water parameters in real time. Water temperature, flow rate and conductivity are all easily accessible and can be viewed in graph format to monitor the aquariums performance over time.Minimum and maximum values can be set which, when exceeded, will trigger a visual alarm on the filter screen to alert you to problems. The Hydrotech Monitor also includes a maintenance schedule you can customise to your own you'll never forget when that media change is due again.

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