Friday, 16 August 2013

Our fish of the Month!

MARINE - Foxface

Also known as Rabbitfish can grow up to 53cm in the wild but most species kept in aquariums usually reach around between 25 and 30cm.  All have large dark eyes and small, rabbit like mouths which gives them their name.  Most species have bright colours or a complex pattern.

They eat mainly a variety of fresh vegetable based diet and algae.  Care must be taken during maintenance and cleaning as these fish are often easily spooked and will use their venomous spines in defence.  Their venom is not usually life-threatening to adult humans but causes severe pain.

COLDWATER - Bitterling
Bitterlings are peaceful, short lived species, generally surviving only around 5 years.  Their maximum size is 11cm but they usually grow much smaller.  Their diet is mainly omnivorous and they are a great addition to the coldwater aquarium and are also popular in the koi aquarium as they can feed of the parasites which infect koi.  When they mature they develop either a pink or blue hue at the base of their caudal fin.

An ideal aquarium is around 100 litres with lots of plants, either real or artificial with plenty of hiding spaces and need to be fed a variety of foods including vegetables as well as some meaty foods.  A good quality flake food as well as freeze dried, live or frozen foods is ideal.

FRESHWATER - Archer Fish

Archer Fish is also known as the Banded Archer Fish and comes from small rivers and streams across Asia.  These fish are unique in that they spit water at insects to make them drop to the water as a food source, with reports that they can even spit as far as 5ft away!  They have a triangular shaped body that is mainly silver in colour.  These fish are brackish type and we can give you plenty advise on these exciting fish in-store and usually always have them in stock.

You will need a good tight fitting aquarium lid as these fish are jumpers!  Provide plenty of plants but leave the water surface clear so they can swim at the top of the water.  Archer fish need mainly a meaty diet including also some vegetable based foods. 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Weekly Spotlight - Seachem Flourish Excel

Spot Light ' Seachem Flourish Excel '

What is Flourish Excel ?
That's a good question. Flourish Excel is a bioavailable source of organic carbon like no other on the market. Everyone knows that plant need Co2, Seachem understand this and perfected the art of introducing Co2 in to you aquarium. Flourish Excel can be use as well as or instead of Co2 injection. The product is in very high demand is one of the most talked about on the market.

Why is it different?
Flourish Excel with out going to scientific is different in the sense that it bypasses the involvement of Co2 and introduces the structural components needed for plants to produce long carbon chains. These chains are known as photosynthetic intermediates and all plants need these to flourish and thrive.

Initially use after a major water change of 40% or more and use 1x 5ml cupful for every 4l of water. Thereafter use 1x 5ml cupful for every 200l daily or every other day. You will notice a rapid growth and health improvement in your plants. It is important to read the instructions and never overdose!!!

Complete Aquatics Verdict - 4/5

Complete Aquatics Prices
Seachem Flourish Excel 100ml £7.22 (15% off RRP )
Seachem Flourish Excel 250ml £10.19 (15% 0ff RRP)

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Weekly Spot Light 'Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium'

Weekly product spot light 'Kent Marine bio Aquarium'


The Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium is designed to make keeping a nano reef aquarium fun, exciting and enjoyable. The Kent Marine keeps a few factors in mind when designing this tank, circulation, filtration and lighting which we will be discussing further down. they also hit the nail on the head with looks the compact design and the tidy filtration makes the Kent marine far from an eye sore.

Technical information


The Kent Marine has a 4 chamber filtration system:

Chamber 1 - This chamber is primarily for the 200 watt heater designed to keep the heater 100% submerged at the preferred water level. 

Chamber 2 - This chamber is where the foam, bio balls are situated filter floss can be added at the top if needed. Also in this chamber is the weir gate this is designed to control the water level in chamber 3 for the skimmer to sit at the correct position.
Chamber 3 - This chamber is has the ceramic media at the bottom but is primarily for the Kent Marine Nano Skimmer which sits on the special designed bracket positioning it at the preferred water level.

Chamber 4 - In this chamber sits the 1000 litres/hour pump giving the tank a whopping 10 times an hour turn over working through two direction nozzles.

As an extra the Kent marine comes with a FREE OF CHARGE circulation pump giving the tank an extra 2100 litres per hour.


The Kent Marine comes equipped with 2x 36w power compact t5 bulbs one reef daylight white and one reef daylight White/blue. If that wasn't enough the Kent Marine also comes with 6x white LED's and 4x actinic LED's for a stunning night time viewing. With the power of the compact t5's and shimmering affect from the LED the Kent Marine Bio Reef is fully equipped form both soft and LPS and SPS hard corals.

Our review and experiences

We have had a Kent Marine Bio Reef set up for some time now and have found it an easy and rewarding tank to work with, the built in 3 stage filtration system works really well and i can honestly say we have found very few problems with the tanks and both corals and fish thrive. In our display the tank is set up with the following, 8kg of Tropical Marine Coral Sand, 10kg of Fiji live rock, Seachem PhosGuard and filled Pre mixed reverse osmosis water with Red Sea Coral Pro Salt. The live stock currently are the following, 6x Lemon damsels, 2x lantern bass, 1x engineer goby and 2x percula clown fish we also have a number of inverts ans corals such as, 2x orange marble snail, 3x metallic blue leg hermits 3x cerith snail, umbrella leather coral, bush coral, various metallic button polyps, furry mushrooms and blue mushrooms.

We have discussed pros's about the Kent Marine Tank now here are a few Con's we have come across
  • Can be a little hard to control the water level at the beginning therefor flooding the skimmer.
  • Not the easiest access to change the bubs.
But in our opinion the pros's by far out way the con's and because of our personal experiences with the Kent Marine Bio Reef we believe its a perfect tank to start you off in the serious step towards having your very own piece of reef in you house.

Compete Aquatics Current Offers  

Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium Tank Only -£237.99
NOW with FREE starter kit worth over £100 and until stocks last and free Marine Aquarium Mini Encyclopedia Book.

Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium Tank and Cabinet-£284.99
NOW with FREE starter kit worth over £100 and until stocks last and free Marine Aquarium Mini Encyclopedia Book.

Kent Marine Bio Reef Cabinet Only -£49.99

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Our review on Fluval FX6

After recently installing 2 x Fluval FX6 external filters on a huge 2500 litre cylinder aquarium we are sharing our opinion and thoughts on the FX6 during and after installation

The aquarium: 2500 litres acrylic cylinder aquarium measuring over 4ft on diameter and 5ft in height.

Due to the height of this aquarium we needed an external filter that could cope with a height of 1.5 m to the top of the water to the top of the external filter. After much research the only external filters we could find that would work was indeed the Fluval FX6. This was great news as we have used the Fluval FX5 on many installations and in our opinion for good quality beefy externals that can cope with high waste and through water around, these filters are hard to beat. So it was decided to use the Fluval FX6 x 2.

First impressions of the FX6 did not let us down. The Fluval packaging is excellent, clearly labelled with all the key features such as :-
Self priming with smart pump technology! This smart pump will actually alter the flow rate if needed and upon installation will cut out to evacuate any trapped air, this handy feature also works every 24hrs
New maintenance dial reminders so you can make a note on the filters when you last did a water change or last did a service on the filter
The FX6 seemed to have all the great benefits the FX5 came with such as drainage port at the bottom of the filter,
Self priming plug and start
Aquastop Valves
Multifunctional Rim Connector
ClogProof Strainer
Two MultiDirectional Output Valves

So first impressions where good! Upon unpacking the FX6 we noticed there was not the instructional DVD like there was with the FX5 however it did come with excellent step by step instructions which where very clear. Luckily we didn't need them as setting up was very similar to the Fluval FX5.
It has a nice black sleek design and it truly does look like a very high quality product.
All other connections look the same as the FX5 with very robust quick release connections on the inlet and outlet, both of which with robust taps on, a handy device especially on this installation as our drains will remain flooded so need to be able to shut off the water when needed.
The new maintenance dials are a good idea. They don't count down and bleep or light up or anything to let the user know of when either a water change or service is due on the actual filter so you have to remember to adjust the dial to which month you carried out the task. There is a dial for water changes and one for the filter with a robust click setting so you can point the dial to 1 - 12 months to show what month the task was carried out. We think this would have been better with a month and also date facility so the user can set the actual date not just the month. Some aquariums demand more frequent water changes or filter servicing so a more accurate date setting would have been better. Also a count down dial would have been good such as number of days to the next water change or service on the filter which then maybe lights up or beeps to signal when the countdown timer ends. On the other hand though it is a handy feature.
Flow rates are very similar so everything looks ready to go.

Installation : another great benefit of the Fluval FX6 is they come with Biomax media! Unlike the Fluval FX5! It has circular sponges around the perimeter of the inside of the filter housing from the top to the bottom around 2" thick. Then in the middle there are three huge media baskets. The bottom one with a sponge and room for more media, the central one is packed with biomax and the top basket packed with sponges for the final filtration before returning to the aquarium. We gave the biomax a good rinse inside the Fluval media bags which are also provides making sure no small particles of biomax could not get inside the main filter to cause damage to the impeller. This is something Fluval highlights in their instructions and is very important, any bits of filter media or hard particles can get to the impeller and cause damage so make sure everything is inside the media bags provided. After a quick check over the top of the filter housing is screwed down with the many fastenings provided ensuring a solid tight fit of the lid, under 1.5m of pressure and 2500 litres of water it was reassuring to see how solid the fixings where!
As our drains where externally plumbed to the underside of the aquarium we could not use the provided Fluval hosing as in order to prevent any loops in filter hosing we only needed a small length of pipe from the drain fitting to the FX6, so we opted for the largest Eheim 22mm green hosing which is the perfect fit over the FX6 fittings and also our drain port.
The returns we used the Fluval FX6 hosing. This comes in one continuous length sealed with the connections at both ends, designed to be cut so the sealed ends go on the filter and the other ends pushed into the supplied drain and return fittings also supplied. As these push fitted ends go into the tank you don't need to worry about drips. As we needed extra long hosing to get 1.5 m high we got away with the supplied as we didn't need any drain hosing.

So filters ready, pipes ready, drains and returns ready. Now to fill the 2500 litres which took almost 6hours due to the extremely low water pressure!

After 6 long hours we switched the FX6's on and as our drains where flooded they kicked in straight away! If we didn't have flooded drains and the pipes went up and over the tank then the FX6 are designed to purge themselves but in our case they worked immediately. After a few minutes both filters shut down to evacuate any trapped air. Ok we admit we got caught out and thought there was a problem only to remember this is a feature built into the FX6 so don't worry if this happens. This feature also happens every 24 hrs to evacuate any trapped air!
Then they automatically kicked back in and the first thing that struck us was just how silent they where! We was under the tank working on the lighting units and had our ears very close to the units but had to check they where in fact running as they where just so quiet!!!
As we had a 1.5m head height we was concerned the flow would be dramatically reduced but we shouldn't have worries. We climbed up to test the flow from the twin outlet adjustable flow pipes and they where belting out! A huge turnover of water.

Within a few hours our aquarium was crystal clear! All ready for fish!

Our verdict:

Another excellent filter from Fluval which hasn't let us down. There haven't been that many changes on the Fluval FX6 but when something is so good I think its hard to improve! The maintenance features although a handy feature could have been better but handy all the same! Even at such a high head head height these filters perform with a high flow rate. The filter media capacity is huge and its a truly robust beefy filter designed for big waste, big tanks. If your looking for a quality filter that will run and run without letting you down without too many technical gadgets then this is for you. There is more advanced technology such as Eheim e filters that you can rig up to your PC etc but none are built like the Fluval FX6.

High flow rate
High filter media capacity
Automatic purge feature
Smart pump technology with stop start feature to evacuate trapped air. Also helps keep the running ultra quiet
Very robust and solidly built
Drain port at base of filter handy for water changes
Maintenance reminder dials
Supplied with biomax media

Maintenance reminder dials could be better
No instructional DVD
Not many changes from the FX5 BUT we think its difficult to improve much on an already brilliant filter

Complete Aquatics score : 5 out of 5

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Thursday, 28 February 2013


The Fluval FX6 Filter System NOW IN STOCK with special introductory offer of 25% off RRP only £224.99

High performace canister filter for aquariums up to 1500 litres

Professional and Extremely Powerful

We have used this fantastic filter both the Fluval FX5 and FX6 external filters ourselves many many times on large setups housing everything from trops, large cichlids and also Marine aquariums.

For aquariums of up to 1500 litres

Pump performance output 3500 litres per hour without load

Filter circulation 2130

5.28 litres of filtering volume

Max Head Height 3.3m


Note, the filter lid must never be more than 150cm below the water level and at least 20cm below the water leve.

Full Instructional guide included for easy set up, no guesswork and no confusion.
Innovative liftout stack of media baskets for optimum access and easy changing of the filter media. By means of the two T handles you can easily lift and take apart the filter baskets. The FX6 media baskets hold a huge capacity of 5.9L of media and enables the user to stack filter media.
Multistage filtration with 3 step mechanical filtration.

3 media compartments for flexibility and multiple filter media arrangements.
The Fluval FX6 comes with maintenance reminders with monthly indicator dials that allows you to remember the date of your last filter maintenance or water change
Smart pump technology. Designed for reliable filtration in a finely adjusted aquarium environment, the Smart Pump technology is equipped with a microchip which permanently monitors the filter and impeller. Speed and efficiency of the magnetic impeller are constantly monitored in order to guarantee a powerful water flow and highest energy efficiency. The Smart Pump technology of the FX6 manages the self start feature and evacuates any trapped air as well every 12 hours

Self priming plug and start
Aquastop Valves
Multifunctional Rim Connector
ClogProof Strainer
Two MultiDirectional Output Valves
Purge Valve
Auto water change function no need to carry buckets of water. Just attach appropriate hose to the output and the FX6 smart pump will do the rest.
Rim connector
Fluval FX6 External Filter System

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Weekly Product Spotlight - Fluval Edge Aquariums

What the blog is about ? Well each week we are going to pick a product review many things such as looks, functionality, our views and technical information.


We will start with a little information about the product this week, the Fluval Edge was designed and described as refreshingly new and revolutionary in its breathtaking 3D design, Appealing to many people in all walks of modern life as a perfect desk or table top tank. The Edge is available in three stunning colors, gloss white, gloss black and pewter. Pewter is only available in the Fluval Edge 23l. The Fluval Edge is equipped with a clean and tidy top, bottom and base and seamlessly clasps the tank for a never seen design.
The Edge is available in two sizes 23l and 46l both equipped with stunning effective LED lighting, compact hang on three stage filtration all hidden within its unique design.

edgetopTechnical Information

Lets take a look how the Fluval Edge works.

Filtration- The Fluval Edge comes equipped with a three stage filtration system bigger enough for three times the tank size consisting of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration resulting in crystal clear water. All hidden the the Edges well designed canopy.

Lighting- The Fluval Edge now comes equipped with effective LED lighting with a striking moon light setting. The Edge 23l comes equipped with 18 white and 3 blue LED's 21 high powered LED's in total. The 46l comes Equipped with 39 white and 3 blue LED's 42 as a total.

Functionality- All this comes down to the frequently asked question '' What can i put in it? '' the Fluval Edge is more than equipped to cope with 2-3 small species of fish and invertebrates. Central and South American fish such as rasbora species, guppies, endler guppies and many small tetra species with work perfectly along side invertebrates such as red crystal shrimp. Another road many have taken with the Fluval Edge is the road to marines, turning this already stunning tank in to a nano reef equipped with small soft corals, invertebrates and small reef fisies. Both freshwater and marine have been tried and tested by our selves
and the fluval edge seems to cope with ease.

Dimensions of Fluval Edge 23l                                         
43cm long x 35cm wide x 35.5cm high               

Dimesions for Fluval Edge 46l

43cm long x 35cm wide x 59cm high

Our Experience

As eager fish keepers we couldn't wait to get a couple of these tanks set up here is what we did, what we used and our verdict.

We set up a Fluval Edge 23l when they first came out and is still set up to this day, we set it up as fresh water natural planted tank using things such as, silica sand, swamp root, bog wood planted with anubis and java fern. As a finished result it has been stocked with 3 male and 5 female cherry barbs, 4 pygmy corydoras and several yamato shrimps, with regular small 10% water changes and replenishing the freindly bacteria with Sability after each water change it has wooked really well and looks amazing. All down to the Edges fantastic flteration.

But more recently we set a gloss white Fluval Edge 46l as marine and we have found that the fluval edge works just as well with a little help of the fantasting product Purigen by Seachem, this just gives the all ready great filteration that boost it needs for marines. We filled the tank with pre mixed RO salt water using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt and stocked the tank with 5kg of fiji live rock and 1 bag of Carib Sea live Aragonite reef sand to begin with. we left the tank 1 week monitoring the salinity, PH and KH levels and once we were happy we introduced a few turbo snails and a few red leg hermits. We then left the tank two weeks feeding every three days monitoring for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate again once we were happy we introduced a couple of percula clown fish. We then begun small 10% weekly water changes and stocking the tank with a few soft corals, leathers, mushrooms and polyps and saw promising results the corals flurished and the fish were in full colour. It has now been set up 3 months and is stocked with 2 percula clowns, 3 green coral gobies, 3 red leg hermits, 3 turbo snails and 2 tube worms.

In conclusion we have found the Fluval Edge easy to work with, rewarding and stunning in its design, we would recomend this from some one new to fish keeping to the more experienced fish keeper. We give the Fluval Edge 10/10.

Complete Aquatics deals

Fluval Edge 23l Available in gloss white, gloss black and pewter
only £99.99 now with free heater.(27/02/2013)

Fluval Edge 46l Available in gloss white and gloss back
only £149.99 now with free heater.(27/02/2013)

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Whatever your requirements, Complete Aquatics have a range of aquariums for your perusal. Offering a broad range of aquarium designs for different numbers of fish and different breeds, depending on your needs.

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Live Fish Foods at Complete Aquatics

Complete Aquatics sell a large variety of live fish foods for your pet. Aquadip live foods are both healthy and nutritious for your fish. Remember its important to a get a variety of food in your fish's diet to give them a decent balance.

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