Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Weekly Spotlight - Seachem Flourish Excel

Spot Light ' Seachem Flourish Excel '

What is Flourish Excel ?
That's a good question. Flourish Excel is a bioavailable source of organic carbon like no other on the market. Everyone knows that plant need Co2, Seachem understand this and perfected the art of introducing Co2 in to you aquarium. Flourish Excel can be use as well as or instead of Co2 injection. The product is in very high demand is one of the most talked about on the market.

Why is it different?
Flourish Excel with out going to scientific is different in the sense that it bypasses the involvement of Co2 and introduces the structural components needed for plants to produce long carbon chains. These chains are known as photosynthetic intermediates and all plants need these to flourish and thrive.

Initially use after a major water change of 40% or more and use 1x 5ml cupful for every 4l of water. Thereafter use 1x 5ml cupful for every 200l daily or every other day. You will notice a rapid growth and health improvement in your plants. It is important to read the instructions and never overdose!!!

Complete Aquatics Verdict - 4/5

Complete Aquatics Prices
Seachem Flourish Excel 100ml £7.22 (15% off RRP )
Seachem Flourish Excel 250ml £10.19 (15% 0ff RRP)

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